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Benefits of Home Health Care Over Nursing Home Care

Nursing homes. Sure, there are some great ones out there that provide quality care for their residents, but ask most seniors and they will tell you the same — they’d like to live in the comfort of their home for as long as possible. 

Reliable Home Health strives to provide the best home health care services in Pittsburgh. Our team of experienced home health aides is dedicated to helping seniors enjoy their days in comfort, good health, and doing the things they love. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of home health care over nursing care and contact us today to book a consultation! 

Senior and her caregiver

Greater Independence 

Many seniors feel a sense of captivity in nursing homes. They are confined to specific spaces, have to follow general rules that may not be best suited for them, and are limited in their ability to do the things they love. With home health care, seniors get to live where they are most comfortable and can leave the house at their convenience accompanied by a home health aide. 

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Helps Prevent Hospital Visits 

The reality is, most senior homes have too high of a resident-to-staff ratio to keep a close eye on every senior in their care. Unfortunately, this leads to a higher frequency of trips to the hospital for seniors who require diligent health care. Home health care ensures that seniors get the round-the-clock support they need to stay healthy and stay away from the ER. 

WOman and her older relative

Better Caregiver Relationships

At nursing homes, you have no say over who looks after your loved one. Reliable Home Health goes to great lengths to match every one of our clients with an experienced caretaker who can not only meet their home care needs but who can provide warm companionship and continually improve their quality of care. 

Nurse and her patient laughing together

Saves Money 

There’s no way around it — nursing homes are expensive. People are usually surprised to see how much more affordable home health care is than full-time residence at a care home. Book an appointment with Reliable Home Health to see the difference for yourself! 

Get in touch with Reliable Home Health today to book an appointment and learn more about our home health care services in Pittsburgh.

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